i guess there's another CA Senate primary coming up, and it appears i have been sentenced to death by campaign text messages

GOP: we support states' rights, states should be free to experiment and do what they want free from federal interference

Blue states: *do literally anything*

GOP: this is sedition most foul and it will not stand!

turns out there was no one with a gun, so now i’m going back to sleep again…anyways EMS is weird

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just had one of those dreams where you dream you woke up from the dream but then dream that you waking up was the dream and the dream is actually real and it really fucked with my head cause i then actually for real gotten woken up by a 911 call for a possible psych patient with a gun…

the year is 2042, the landlords have won, LA is a city of empty apartments owned by people who live in Ventura County, each week rents jump by 10%, employees commute from Utah, the only jobs are Starbucks baristas and Uber Eats drivers

Gov. Bill Lee of Tennessee let his domain lapse and is now in the "finding out" portion of fucking around with a tech industry that is dominated by LGBTQIA+ people.


#FAFOInRealTime #Tennessee

Edit: If he DIDN'T register the site for two years after he was elected this is even FUNNIER! LOL

by age 30 you should have a few stock market crashes, one 9/11, and a multi year pandemic under your belt

random thought: we should send everyone in Y-combinator to The Hague

I wish more people understood that "I want the computer to generate a natural language text that sounds like a plausible answer to a question about x" and "I want the computer to answer a question about x" are two very different problems.

“so do you want a temporary install or a permanent install?”


Tomorrow, a judge will hear Big Media trot out sad and sorry arguments for why libraries should never be allowed to own and preserve digital books. They'll attack the 🐦InternetArchive in the most absurd ways.

💀Tell them you see through their poison: BattleForLibraries.com

and i have to add that the second headline really chaps my ass because the writer clearly hasn't bothered to pay attention to the work being done by the team at CD 13 and uses the same liberal "i tried really hard to like unhoused people but then i realized they are stinky and beneath me" reasoning that always comes to the surface

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whew the LATimes opinion section is really just a rancid cesspool some days

i hate that multiverse theory has been interpreted as "but what if all the super heroes had different costumes? and some of them are played by different actors?"

*Biden standing in front of a house of cards that has collapsed and is on fire*: Look here Jack, the house is doing fine, quit your malarkeying!

had that fun experience today where i pick up my 90 day supply of insulin and the pharmacist remarks "oh wow, that's expensive!"

i've got pretty decent insurance coverage, but apparently not good enough to make the life saving hormone i need affordable...

really excited to see that new movie about how Nike is a plucky underdog shoe company that has not been exploiting child labor and low wage workers to make billions of dollars, finally a feel good story!

Today, we are announcing our union, affiliated with OPEIU techunion1010, and calling upon Bandcamp and Epic Games leadership to grant us a timely and fair election: actionnetwork.org/petitions/fa

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