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Wage theft is never festive!

The workers at Coffee Coffee have been dealing with a shady owner for years, and now they are on a work stoppage until things improve

You can support their hardship fund if you can, link in article

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Breaking: Police giving the all clear on the Tufts University campus in Medford moments ago after bomb threat was received this afternoon…4 locations including 2 dorms were swept with bomb sniffing dogs…who did it remains under investigation at this hour #7News


well it looks like another "cop overdosed by looking at Fentanyl" story is making the rounds

that's not how fentanyl works, please learn how fentanyl works, cops lie ALL THE TIME

Civilian Review Committees are often pushed by police reformers as a way to hold cops accountable, but time and again they side with the officers allowing them to escape accountability with a stamp of "civilian" approval

Disgraced LA City Council member Kevin de Leon is facing consistent pressure to resign, and based on his behavior he's not handling it well

A fantastic write up about progressive Asian politicians who are winning seats in Southern California

and featuring GGLA co-founder Meghan Choi

The largest strike of academic workers in history is currently roiling the California University system

TA's, graduate student workers, lab techs, and researchers are striking for better wages and better treatments

California's university system was founded to be equitable and accessible but greed has put education out of the reach of many, we're fighting with these workers for a college system that works for everyone

LAPD uses its "critical incident" framework to dissemble false information and restrict access to important video footage

Now journalists are suing to stop LAPD's attempts to control the narrative around killer cops

Ground Game relies on community support from people like you, donate so we can keep doing the work


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